When it comes to proper tile care, there are many tips and tricks you can use to keep your tiles clean and looking good. For example, if you have porcelain tiles, it’s best to use a soft brush to remove dust from the surface. But if you are cleaning a ceramic tile, using a hard brush is the right thing to do because it can damage the enamel. Did you know these facts? Well, there’s more and here we’ll tell you everything you need to know to keep your tiles in perfect condition.

How to take care of your tiles

If you’re wondering how to clean ceramic tiles, the first thing is that you need to make sure the tile surface is free of loose debris. Grit, dust and other errant materials can be difficult to remove from these surfaces. To do this, you can use a solution of three parts water to one part potash. This solution will remove dirt and grime from the tiles without leaving marks. You can then use a cloth to dry them.

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Cleaning ceramic tiles

Cleaning ceramic tilesWhen it comes to cleaning ceramic tiles in general, you should be very careful not to damage or scratch the surface. Another recommendation is to take care of the chemicals you use, placing strong liquids directly on the tiles can damage their color and create stains that cannot be removed later. Chemicals such as bleach should be diluted in water before applying it to the tiles.

Cleaning polished tiles

If you want to start cleaning polished tiles, you can use a soft, dry cloth to clean them, be sure to use a microfiber cloth, nothing rough. You can then complete the process with a regular vacuum cleaner. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can apply a stone cleaner. This solution has a mild acidic composition, which is safe for use on polished tiles as it will not stain or streak. After cleaning the tiles, dry them thoroughly with a soft cloth.

Tile care: further recommendations

Tile care further recommendations

Each tile is different in composition and use, so there are many things to take into account for cleaning.

The first step, always, is to clean the floor area. To clean the tiles, you should make sure they are dry. Also, you should avoid using traditional cleaners on this type of tiles. Instead, you can use specific cleaners for natural stone, such as stone soap. If you are going to clean metal tiles, be sure to use non-abrasive cleaning solutions. For metal tiles, use a non-abrasive liquid household cleaner that won’t cause any damage.

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Why avoid abrasives when cleaning tile?

It is best to use a non-abrasive cloth when cleaning tile to maintain proper tile care. When cleaning ceramic tiles, you should avoid abrasive materials at all times. Unlike ceramic tiles, tiles will stain with acidic chemicals, so make sure the cleaning product does not contain acidic ingredients. This will also prevent the tile from absorbing abrasive substances and changing its color or cracking.

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Here’s how you should clean tile mural

For cleaning tile art basically the same rules apply as mentioned above. It is best not to use harsh chemicals and abrasives are still prohibited. A good technique is to use a mild soap, either liquid hand soap or neutral soap. You should dissolve it in enough water. Then dampen a soft cloth in this soapy water and pass subtly on the tiles. Be careful to do it in the same direction. At the end pass a damp cloth only with water and then a dry one. It is important that you do not do this too often, two or three times a month is enough. If you have a mural or work of this type, you already know how to take care of the tiles.

This is how to clean porcelain tiles

Another common doubt arises when you have porcelain tiles, as we know that this material is very delicate. To clean porcelain tiles the secret ingredient is white vinegar, yes the same one used in salads.

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How to Clean Porcelain Tiles: Proper Tile Care

What you have to do is to mix vinegar and water in equal parts, then add some tile cleaner or stone soap, but only a few drops. With this water you are going to wet a soft cloth and pass it in one direction only on the porcelain. Then you can add plain water and dry with another soft cloth. This can be done once a month. For weekly maintenance just a soft cloth and warm water will keep it perfect and shiny.

Now you know everything you need, if you were looking for how to maintain tiles here you have the most complete guide for you to know how to take care of your tile mural and also to maintain ceramic, porcelain or metal tiles.

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